Empowering Forex Businesses

Unlocking growth opportunities in Dubai’s financial hub.

Our Story

With a legacy spanning over a decade, fxuae has been a pioneer in facilitating forex companies in establishing their presence in Dubai, UAE.

We have proudly served a wide array of clients, from budding startups to established enterprises, guiding them through the process of setting up forex businesses and securing bank accounts in the dynamic landscape of Dubai.

Why Choose fxuae?


Tailored Solutions

We provide customized services to meet the unique needs of each forex business, ensuring a personalized experience.


Regulatory Expertise

Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements in Dubai, simplifying the setup process and ensuring compliance.


Local Knowledge, Global Reach

Leverage our local insights and global network to access a wide range of resources and opportunities for your forex business.

Meet Our Team

Shawn Marks


Emma Johnson


John Smith


Ready to Establish Your Forex Presence?

Contact fxuae today to begin your journey towards a successful forex business setup in Dubai, UAE.

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